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wi academy


World Innovation Academy (WIA) ignites minds and empowers progress across Africa. We are a catalyst for learning, fostering a thriving community where individuals of all backgrounds can pursue knowledge, collaborate, and innovate.

Driven by a dual mission, WIA fuels both individual potential and collective advancement. We nurture curiosity and academic excellence through diverse teaching programs, equip educators with cutting-edge skills, and champion the seamless integration of teaching, scholarship, and collaboration.

Our impact ripples far beyond classrooms:

·        New programs: We tackle Africa's pressing challenges with innovative initiatives.

·        Knowledge exchange: Journals, books, and conferences spark discourse and empower informed action.

·        Community engagement: We actively partner with communities, applying knowledge to drive positive change.

Join us in building a brighter future for Africa. Explore WIA's offerings and become part of a dynamic movement shaping the continent's intellectual landscape. Together, let's unlock the transformative power of education and unleash a wave of African excellence.