• Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society

    The Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society (JOEMS) is a prestigious and peer-reviewed scholarly journal. JOEMS focuses on publishing original research articles that present the latest advancements and discoveries in both pure and applied mathematics. It serves as a comprehensive platform for researchers in mathematics and related interdisciplinary fields to exchange and showcase their original research.

    To be considered for publication in the journal, papers must make substantial, original, and accurate contributions to one or more of the fields specified in the Mathematical Subjects Classification (MSC). For papers in applied mathematics, it is crucial that they are clearly motivated by real-world applications or have the potential for practical implications.

    JOEMS aims to bring together researchers actively engaged in mathematics and those working in applied areas, encouraging collaboration and the dissemination of innovative research.

  • Mathematical Sciences Letters

    Mathematical Sciences Letters is a scholarly journal that aims to facilitate the rapid dissemination of significant mathematical research in a concise format. The journal welcomes submissions that showcase innovative applications of mathematics or advancements in mathematical methodologies within related disciplines and serves as a platform for researchers to share their findings and contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge across interdisciplinary boundaries. By providing a focused and efficient avenue for disseminating noteworthy mathematical papers, the journal plays a vital role in fostering scientific progress.

  • Information Sciences Letters

    Information Sciences Letters (ISL) offers an exciting publication outlet for novel and frontier Information Sciences and accepts new submissions in English and Arabic languages. The aim and scope of (ISL) is to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality research in the field of information sciences. ISL aims to publish original and innovative research findings, methodologies, and theoretical contributions that advance the understanding and application of information sciences. The journal welcomes submissions from researchers, academics, and practitioners across various disciplines, including computer science, information systems, data science, artificial intelligence, and related areas. ISL seeks to foster interdisciplinary research that addresses the theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of information sciences.